Purpose Statement

LGCA is a community rooted in the teachings of Jesus where all students are loved, challenged, and equipped to be purposeful contributors in their communities.

Our Purpose

Lions Gate Christian Academy was established to assist parents in providing Christian education for students on the North Shore. At Lions Gate Christian Academy, the purpose of Christian education is to direct and guide the child towards a saving knowledge and trust in Jesus Christ the Truth; to attain understanding, wisdom and righteousness which leads to responsible service to the Lord in all areas of life.

Our Goals

  • Help each child see that he/she is a unique person created by God for a special purpose in life.
  • Give direction to students by helping them understand the nature of sin and its effect on all creation; and how God, by His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ redeems His people.
  • Develop the students’ skills in all subject areas for the purpose of furthering their education and worshipping and glorifying God the Father.
  • Encourage students to attain, examine and apply knowledge from a Christian perspective.
  • Inspire students to develop Christian Worldviews which kindle desires for life-long learning.
  • Encourage students to pursue excellence in both their course work and obedience to God so they may become productive global citizens.
  • Assist students to interpret all subjects in the light of God’s Word.
Christian students are in the world but not of it; therefore the school will equip and challenge students to critique the world’s presuppositions based on God’s Word.

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