Ella Psaila

BCIT Lions Lair for Entrepreneurs

Ella Psaila

Lions Gate Christian Academy is very proud to announce that Ella Psaila, a Grade 5 student, is one of 11 entrepreneurs who was accepted to participate in Enactus BCIT's Lions Lair, a two month workshop and competition for start-up businesses. She is the first and only youth to be accepted into the competition.

Ella currently has her own sewing business, Sew-Awesome in which she is raising money towards a charity that she supports called Sewing-Seeds. Ella's goal is to travel with this charity during the summer of 2018 and to teach women in developing countries how to sew so that they can begin to support themselves and their families.

Sew-Awesome will be an online marketplace to help young creatives in the North Shore and Greater Vancouver who want to sell their handmade goods to a global marketplace. There will be a catch. The kids who participate will need to also pair with a charity that they are passionate about and will be encouraged to give a portion of their proceeds to their charity. Ella's current sewing business 'Sew-Awesome' will become one of the 'stores' in this larger marketplace. The site will also have an information section that will take kids through a series of videos and worksheets on 'how to be an entrepreneur'.

We wish her all the best for her final presentation at the end of February!

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