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2017/2018 High School Athletics!

Getting the ball rolling!

With a new year comes new opportunities! With a change in the High School schedule it has allowed us to extend lunch to 55 minutes. With this new change, I am hoping to see a shift in student participation in LGCA team sports. Over the past years I have witnessed a lack of accountability in team sports when it comes to practicing, communication, and academic responsibility. For these reasons I have made a new policy in our handbook in regards to athlete expectations here at LGCA. The highlights are as followed:

  1. A team parent must sign up to help with some responsibilities determined by the AD.


  1. Students must pay their fee and hand in their “Athletics Registration Consent Form pg. 15” before the deadline to be registered for the team.


  1. Regularly check Google Classroom for the team to help with communication and notifications.


  1. Students who miss 3 practices without a reason or informing the coach shall be released from the team with no refund of their sport fee. Homework Club takes priority over Practices or Intramurals. Individuals may be dealt with a case-by-case basis.


  1. When the team number drops below "critical mass" decided by the AD, the whole team shall fold and be cancelled. No reimbursements will be made for the entire team.

I am hoping that with these changes, all of those who are involved (students, parents, coaches, and staff) will take sports more seriously. 

With that being said we are hoping to run the following sports this year:

Spring - Volleyball

Winter - Basketball

Spring - Ultimate and Track and Field

If there are any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Chong

HS Athletic Director

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End of 2016/2017 High School

Lions Athletics

With the last exams finishing up in the High School, I reflect on the year of Athletics here at LGCA. We had our ups and downs all year but most importantly, I believe the students had fun.


In addition to all the sports highlighted below, I began an intramural league for Reverse 4's Volleyball and also 3x3 Basketball (which is now an Olympic Sport). See the names and the teams etched into glory as the first champions! Moreover, and ultimately, more importantly, I brought back the famous "Shoe Trophy", introduced by Mr. Speak many years ago, which was usually awarded the the winner's of the Staff vs. Student Basketball game. Instead of having just one sport, I made it more difficult to win the Shoe Trophy. Thus coming to life, the Staff vs. Student Sport Series. This year the teachers won Volleyball, Ball Hockey, and Futsal, where as the students won the Basketball game. Some great fun!

Cross Country

An impressive effort by my runners who had good times in the Terry Fox Run. The team this year consisted of Saskia Scholtens (Gr.10), Renzo Duivenvoorden (Gr.10), Stephen Baker (Gr.10), Ethan Tonini (Gr.8), and Aaron Yi (Gr.12). In the British Columbia Christians School Sports Athletic Association (BCCSSAA) we finished 4th out of 9th as a team. Aaron Yi also received 3rd place in the Sr. Boys category. Awesome job!


This was Mr. Klein's last season as coach and he wanted to honour our Sr. players Jacob Rempel (Gr. 12), Tommy Kim (Gr. 12), Ralfh Tayag (Gr. 12), and William Moon (Gr. 12) with a team. The team also consisted of Michael Pratt (Gr. 11), Bill Zhang (Gr. 11), Jordan Kurtz (Gr. 10), and Kristien Benko (Gr. 10). The team participated in a number of exhibition games and two tournaments. In the BCCSSAA Tournament which has many of the Christian Independent schools participating in, we placed 13th out of 16th. Good luck to our grads in the future!


The school badminton team also participated in a couple of exhibition matches leading up to the BCCSSAA tournament for both the Jr. and Sr. team. The Jr's consisted of Arvin Tabassi (Gr. 9), Jasmine Sheehy (Gr. 9), Bibiana Cortez (Gr. 9), Stephanie Xu (Gr. 10), and Icey Weng (Gr. 10).

Our Sr. team consisted of Daniela Cortez (Gr. 11), Seryung Park (Gr. 12), Jamaela Balagbis (Gr. 12), Tatum Bergen (Gr. 12), Bill Zhang (Gr.11), and Sejin Park (Gr. 11). Both Daniela and Seryung finished 4th place in Girls Doubles for the BCCSSAA Tournament! Great job girls!



Our Jr. and Sr. teams had a lot of success leading up to the Greater Vancouver Independent Schools Athletic Association (GVISAA) Tournament. A promising sport for LGCA and we hope it continues to grow. We will miss Mrs. Palmer-Wilson as the coach! Our Jr team consisted of Ethan Visintin (Gr. 9), Arvin Tabassi (Gr. 9), Sam Kim (Gr. 10), Jordan Kurtz (Gr. 10), Kristien Benko (Gr. 10), Hayden Smith (Gr. 9), Kristoffer Benko (Gr. 8), Thomas Reader (Gr. 8), Isabel Drouin (Gr. 8), Azal Hosseni (Gr. 10), Bibiana Cortez (Gr. 9), Jasmine Sheehy (Gr. 9), Grace Drouin (Gr. 8), and Kurosh Javid (Gr. 8).


Our Sr team pictured below included Ralfh Tayag (Gr. 12), Tatum Bergen (Gr. 12), Bibiana Cortez (Gr. 9), Jasmine Sheehy (Gr. 9), Brian Lee (Gr. 12), Bill Zhang (Gr. 11), Ethan Porter (Gr. 11), Luca Visintin (Gr. 11), Abegail Cajuguiran (Gr. 12), and Azal Hosseni (Gr. 10). A positive and fun group!

Track and Field

 This year, it was my goal to bring just runners to the BCCSSAA Track Meet as we had not properly prepared for the different fielding events. Our Track team consisted of Luca Visintin (Gr.11), Michael Pratt (Gr.11), Bill Zhang (Gr.11), Sejin Park (Gr.11), Ethan Visintin (Gr.9), Arvin Tabassi (Gr.9), Aaron Yi (Gr.12), Tatum Bergen (Gr.12), Cassandra Caywood (Gr.9), and Renzo Duivenvoorden (Gr.10). Our Sr. Boys 4x100 team (Luca, Michael, Bill, and Aaron) finished 7th and also Tatum finished 4th amongst Sr. Girls 100m. Awesome showing!


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BCCSSAA Tournament Results

1 W, 2L

A tournament full of BC's Christian Schools in both Single A and Double A divisions got together this past weekend and played in a very competitive, yet friendly tournament.

In our first two games, we played against two Double A schools (Abbotsford Christian and Langley Christian) and lost.

In our final game we played Vernon Christian, a Single A school like us and won, giving us a 13th place finish out of 16.

This wasn't too bad as we had to play with a short bench and were missing a key players for the majority of the tournament.

Upcoming, we have a few exhibition games leading up to the Khalsa Tournament at the end of the month.

Let's keep building!

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Sr. Boys Basketball Season Underway!

A busy January ahead

The 2017 Senior Basketball team for LGCA will consist of the following athletes:
G12 - Will Moon, Tommy Kim, Jacob Rempel, and RJ Tayag
G11 - Bill Zhang and Michael Pratt
G10 - Jordan Kurtz and Kristien Benko
We wish our boys luck as they undergo a busy January full of games:
Jan 5 - 2:30 pm @ Carver Christian School
Jan 6-7 - BCCSSAA Tournament @ Pacific Academy, First game at 9:00 am
Jan 11 - 4:00 pm @ Bodwell
Jan 19 - 4:15 pm @ Fraser Academy
Jan 23 - 3:45 pm @ King David School
Jan 27-28 - Basketball Tournament @ Khalsa Secondary School
Be sure to check out our calendar (Link here) for any changes. Follow our Instagram @lgcalions and the Athletic News for updates!
Go Lions Go!

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HS Reverse 4's League Champions!

Etched into glory and lore for generations!

HS Reverse 4's League Champions!

From the "Old Testament" Conference, we have Team 2, Ethan, Brian, Abegail, and Crystal, who came out from the round robin with 0W and 3L record. Things looked very grim as they took on the undefeated Team 4 in the playoffs round. However, wiith a strong attendance each game, they overwhelmed their opponents and battled through the playoffs and to the Championship game against Team  7 (4-1 record)  from the "New Testament" Conference.

And what a game...

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Back and forth action for the whole game ended in a Tie which resulted in a sudden death rally. Winner take epic match resulting in a score of 40  - 39.

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Congratulations to our first ever Reverse 4's League 2016 Champions, Ethan, Brian, Abegail, and Crystal ! 





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Bear Creek X-Country run

Wed Oct 19th: Grade 4-7

If your child has been selected to attend the Bear Creek Run they will not be returning to school until approximately 2:15 pm. Therefore your child will not be able to catch the early dismissal 1:30pm school bus home that day. Therefore please make arrangements to pick them up at the school.

If you volunteered to drive we do need you, so please meet in the school parking lot at 8:30am on Wednesday October 19th.


  • grey PE shirt and PE shorts (NO SWEAT PANTS)
  • warm clothes to wear over their PE uniform and a spare pair of shoes if it is raining (they will want to keep their runners dry)
  • a rain jacket
  • an umbrella
  • a healthy lunch
  • a water bottle
  • less than $5 for the concession

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