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General Information


School Location

919 Tollcross Road, North Vancouver BC V7H 2G3

School Location

Phone: (604) 984-8226
Fax: (604) 984-8254
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8.15am-4pm


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School Uniform

Uniform Policy and Dress Code

School Uniform

Uniform Policy and Dress Code

Lions Gate Christian Academy requires each parent to buy a school uniform to be worn by the child at all times during school. Appropriate accessories are required as well (shoes, socks, etc.).

K - 3 are expected to wear their gym uniforms only on designated “gym” days. Grade 4 – 12 students will change into their gym uniform for their gym class and then change back into their regular uniform after gym class.

Dress Uniform



Tunic (K-3)   Grey Dress Pant
Kilt (K-12)   Oxford Shirt
Oxford shirt   V-Neck Sweater
V-Neck Sweater or Cardigan   Navy/black/dark grey socks
Navy tights   All Black Shoes
Navy socks (Knee or Ankle)   Tie*
All Black Shoes    

* The tie is worn on special occasions as instructed by the staff.

Optional: A waterproof windbreaker

Gym Uniform

Girls and Boys

Grey PE T/ Shirt
Navy PE Shorts
Navy Sweatshirt
Navy Sweatpants
White or Navy socks

Runners - black or white. 
Any other colors on their shoes should be black or white or subdued colors that go with the uniform.

Summer Uniform (*optional)

Girls and Boys

White Shirt
Navy Walking Short (If using a belt, it must be navy or black)
Navy Skorts (3 button)
Navy Socks
All Black Shoes

* To be worn in Sept/Oct and April/May/June on warm days.
* On cool days the regular dress code applies.
* The navy walking short is optional. However, this is the only acceptable summer wear and regular dress code applies if not wearing the walking short.


Please be aware that children will go outside during recess and lunch and their shoes must be sturdy and comfortable.  (Black dress shoes are not apporporiate for running on the gravel field).  Children will be expected to be outside if it  is not raining even if the ground is wet.  Send children with boots and appropriate change of shoes for these days.

Footwear Please be aware that children will go outside during recess and lunch and their shoes must be sturdy and comfortable. (Black dress shoes are not appropriate for running on the gravel field). Children will be expected to be outside if it is not raining even if the ground is wet. Send children with boots and the appropriate change of shoes for these days.

Both boys and girls are now expected to have on all black dress shoes for the formal uniform and a black or black/white runner (with as much black as possible) for gym days.

Girls’ shoe heel height should be no higher than 1” elevation above the sole. Soles may be thick but not platforms.

Hem Length

Girls’ tunics/kilts may not be higher than 2” above the knee for all grades.


School Uniform SUPPLIER

Unit #112
2455 Dollarton Hwy
Tel: 604-924-9929

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School Bus

Bus Riders’ Responsibilities

West Vancouver School Bus

Thank you for supporting our traffic mitigation by riding the bus!

Lynch Bus Pick Up and Drop Off is our school bus user-pay service at the following monthly rates: $60 for the first child and $40 for each additional child. The cost of the Lynch bus service is being subsidized by the school). The rate is the same for one and two way riders.

Please ensure the following:

  • Arrive at your designated marshalling location (West Vancouver Baptist Church or North Shore Alliance Church) before 8:00 am school day mornings. Bus pick up is 8:00 am!
  • Arrive at the designated marshalling location by 3:20 pm school days. This ensures you will be at the location to greet your child as the bus arrives. Parents should be awaiting their children in the parking lot before the bus arrives. If you are late due to traffic, car problems, etc., please notify the office (604 984 8226) or the Marshalling Mom (cell numbers to be distributed).
  • There will be a Marshalling Mom (or Dad) at each location in the afternoon to ensure student safety.
  • This is NOT a baby-sitting service! Frequent late arrivals will result in losing the school bus privilege.
  • The Marshalling Mom will stay with your child until you arrive or other mutual plans are made through the office.
  • Make sure you have an umbrella for rainy weather.
  • Have a cell phone with you with the school number (604 984 8226) programed in contacts in case you get “stuck in traffic”.
  • Bus riders will exhibit mutual respect to ALL persons in and around the school bus!

There are two Marshalling Points – see below::

West Vancouver Baptist Church Marshalling Point at 450 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver

  • Pick Up at 8:00 am from the back parking lot.
  • Students will leave LGCA at 3:15 pm for drop off at West Vancouver Baptist at approximately 3:40 pm.

North Shore Alliance Church Marshalling Point at 201 23rd Street East, North Vancouver

  • Pick Up at 8:05 am at the far east end of the parking lot.
  • Students will leave LGCA at 3:15 pm for Drop Off at NSA at approximately 3:40 pm


  • We do not have entry into either church, so you will be waiting in the parking lot.
  • The alternate pick up locations in case of church events are:
    • West Vancouver Baptist Church alternate – Hugo Ray Park.
    • North Shore Alliance Church alternate – Norseman Park.

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.   Philippians 4:9

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Hours, Volunteers, Absences, School Closure Procedure...

The details...

Newsletter via Email
Newsletters are sent via email. Kindly advise us if you change your email address or are not receiving our emails.

Absence Notes
If your child is absent, please ensure that you send a note upon your child's return to your child's teacher. If you send an email to the office this is sufficient. Please email your note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Ministry of Education requires a note from either a parent or guardian for every student absence. The auditors review our records annually. If there are unexplained absences the Ministry of Education has the right to withhold funding. Should funding be withheld the parent(s) guardian(s) will be held responsible to pay for any withheld funds.

School Hours
School hours are from 8:40 am to 3:00 pm for all students. There will be teacher supervision outside in the morning from 8:20 am and in the afternoon from 3:00 pm to 3:20 pm

Before School Care and After School Care
Before School Supervision from 7:30 – 8:20 am.  The cost is $15 a day.
After School Supervision from 3:00 – 5:30pm.  The cost is $20 a day. ($15 per child if 2 or more children from the same family attend).
Please register for before and after school care with the office.
Drop in care is also available - please notify the office if you require this service.

Volunteers and Visitors to the School
For safety reasons we are asking volunteers and visitors to report to the office when they arrive at the school. Volunteers and visitors will be asked to sign in on a sheet and receive a visitor's badge.

Uniform Information
All students are required to wear the authorized uniform. Please obtain all uniforms from our supplier, Cambridge and Company. They are located at #112-2455 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver. Phone 604 924 9929.

We have added a white and a blue polo shirt. Please note these are crested with the LGCA logo. Plain polo shirts are NOT uniform dress. We want to start the year strong with respect for our uniform expectations! That also includes all black formal shoes. If there are other colors on the shoes...grab a Jiffy Marker! Black laces as well. Thank you, parents, for supporting our uniform requirements. If you have any questions regarding uniforms, please call the office, 604-984-8226.

Procedure for School Closure due to inclement weather/power failure
In case of school closure due to inclement weather or other emergencies such as power failure, the following steps will be followed:

  • A voice mail will be left on the school answering machine.
  • A message will be posted on the front page of our website at www.lgca.ca and the LGCA Facebook.
  • Please listen to the radio - News 1130 am, CKNW, City TV Breakfast Show.
  • Parents please note that we will make the best decision possible regarding closure however we realize that parents live in different areas and therefore parents have the final say as to whether they feel it is safe to bring their child/ren to school.

Please respect that LGCA is an Allergen Aware school. No nuts please!


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